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Page 1 of 2, Bannocks of Beer Meal

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Page 1 of 2, Bannocks of Beer Meal
ID JSS0552
Title Page 1 of 2, Bannocks of Beer Meal
Document Reference Hend inst McGi c
Format 256 x 348 mm
Medium Handwritten music on lined sheet
Item Type Printed Collection
Subject Scottish Music, William McGibbon
Item Description From 'A Collection of Scots Tunes some with variations for a violin, hautboy, or German flute, with a bass for a violoncello or harpsichord', by Edinburgh violinist and composer William McGibbon (c. 1690-1756), then Edinburgh's most prominent musician. The first 4 staves of his variation use 'double stops' (playing more than one note at the same time), and two-octave leaps (next last stave, bars 2 and 3). McGibbon (like Skinner, much later), omitted the bass line from underneath the variation, since the accompanist could use the same harmonies as the original melody. It saved paying for expensive engraving.
Creator William McGibbon
Editor William McGibbon
Arranger William McGibbon
Time Period 18th century
Relationships JSS0553
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name A collection of Scots tunes: some with variations for a violin, hautboy or...

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