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Page 1 of 8 of Sketch 6, Peacock's Art of Dancing

Francis Peacock | Peacock's The Art of Dancing - Sketch VI

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Page 1 of 8 of Sketch 6, Peacock's Art of Dancing
ID JSS0415
Title Page 1 of 8 of Sketch 6, Peacock's Art of Dancing
Document Reference Lib R 7933 Pea 1
Item Type Printed Collection
Item Description In Sketch 6, Peacock provides a general description of basic movements and positions used in dance. His observations are based on Sir John Gallini's publication, The Art of Dancing. Page 1 introduces Peacock's description.
Creator Francis Peacock
Editor Francis Peacock
Time Period 1770s - 1800s
Associated Dates: Publication 1805
Relationships JSS0416, JSS0417, JSS0418, JSS0419, JSS0420, JSS0421, JSS0422
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Sketches relative to the History and Theory, but more especially to the Practice of Dancing; as a necessary accomplishment to the youth of both sexes; together with remarks on the defects and bad habits they are liable to in early life; and the best means of correcting of preventing them. Intended as hints to the youn teachers of the Art of Dancing.

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