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The University of Aberdeen Cruickshank Building Room 1.22 St Machar Drive Aberdeen AB24 3UU



PhD University of California, Berkeley; Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management; Advisors: Profs Whendee Silver and Mary Firestone; 1999-2005

BA (Hons) with Distinction University of California, Berkeley; Department of Integrative Biology; Advisor: Prof Carla D'Antonio; 1994-1998



Reader in Biogeochemistry University of Aberdeen, School of Biological Sciences; August 2017 to present

Senior Lecturer in Soil Biogeochemistry University of Aberdeen, School of Biological Sciences; June 2013 to July 2017

SAGES Lecturer in the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle University of St Andrews, School of Geography and Geosciences; October 2007-May 2013

Postdoctoral Scholar University of California, Berkeley; Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management; Supervisors: Profs Whendee Silver and Dennis Baldocchi; March 2007-October 2007      

Postdoctoral Scholar University of California, Berkeley; Department of Geography; Supervisor: Prof Robert Rhew; March 2005-February 2007   

US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Earth System Science Fellow University of California, Berkeley; Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management; August 2000-July 2003


Research Interests

Terrestrial ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, isotope geochemistry, process-based soil microbial ecology, biosphere-atmosphere exchange and land-use/land cover change.

Current Research

Carbon, nitrogen and trace gas dynamics in tropical ecosystems.

Peatland ecology and biogeochemistry.

Sustainable management of agro-ecosystems.

Impacts of anthropogenic intervention on biogeochemical cycling, ecosystem functioning and biosphere-atmosphere exchange.

Research Grants

Recent Awards:

NERC Human-modified Tropical Forests programme: Programme Management Grant 2014-2018

Award: Approx. £1.0M . PIs: YA Teh, J. Barlow (Lancaster), R. Ewers (Imperial College), C. Joly (State University of Campinas, Brazil), O. Lewis (Oxon), Y. Malhi (Oxon), G. Reynolds (South East Asia Rainforest Research Programme)


FACCE-ERA-NET+ Program: GreenRice – Sustainable and environmental friendly rice cultivation systems in Europe 2014-2017 

Award: €2.13M (~£1.7M). PI: B. Courtois (CIRAD France). Co-Is: V. Giampiero (CRA Italy); B. San Segundo (CRAG Spain); A. Price (Aberdeen), Y.A. Teh (Aberdeen), P. Bonfante (Università degli Studi di Torino) & 4 other investigators.


Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB): Ecosystem carbon and nitrogen dynamics of tropical peatlands 2014-2017

Award: MYR6.52M (~£1.24M). PIs: YA Teh, LK Khoo (MPOB) & TC Hill (St Andrews). Co-Is: Mohd Haniff Harun (MPOB), Hj. Mohd Roslan Md Noor (MPOB) & Zulkifli Hashim (MPOB) 


NERC Human-modified Tropical Forests programme: "Biodiversity And Land-use Impacts on Tropical Ecosystem Function (BALI) - A Multidisciplinary Consortium Exploring the Biogeochemical Impacts of Tropical Forest Degradation, Agricultural Conversion and Biodiversity Loss" 2013-2018

Award Value: £4.6M. PI: Y.A. Teh Co-Is: E. Baggs, D. Burslem, D. Johnson, P. Smith & 14 other investigators.


Royal Society for the Protection of Birds: “The effects of forest to bog restoration on carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour fluxes in Flow Country peatlands” 2012-2015

Award Value: £30K. PI: Y.A. Teh; Co-Is: T.C. Hill (St Andrews), J. Moncrieff (Edinburgh), P. Levy (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) & N. Cowie (RSPB)


NERC Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability Programme: “A hierarchical approach to the examination of the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem service flows across coastal margins (CBESS)” 2012-2016

Award Value: £3.2M. PI: D.M. Paterson (St Andrews); Co-Is: Y.A. Teh, T.C. Hill (St Andrews), T. Stojanovic (St Andrews), C. Gollety (St Andrews) & the CBESS Consortium


NERC: “Amazonian peatlands: A potentially important but poorly characterized source of atmospheric methane and nitrous oxide” 2011-2014

Award Value: £67K. PI: Y.A. Teh; Co-Is: S. Page (Leicester) & J.C. Berrio (Leicester)


NERC: "Are tropical uplands regional hotspots for methane and nitrous oxide?" 2010-2015

Award Value: £990K. PI: Y.A. Teh; Co-Is: P. Smith, E. Baggs & P. Meir (Edinburgh)


NERC: "Quantifying event-driven methane fluxes from northern peatlands using a novel automated flux chamber technique." 2010-2012

Award Value: £82K. PI: Y.A. Teh; Co-Is: P. Ineson (York) & J.-A. Subke (Stirling)


Norwegian Agency for Development and Cooperation (NORAD): “New REDD Models for Tropical Montane Forests: Science, Policy, and Economic Incentive Structures for Fire Control and Indigenous Poverty Alleviation in the Peruvian Andes.” 2009-2013

Sub-Award Value: USD29K. Lead RO: Amazon Conversation Association (ACA). Co-I: Y.A. Teh for 2009-2013. Teh is Co-I in an interdisciplinary consortium coordinated by ACA with funding of USD470K per year.


NERC UKPopNet Programme: “Biophysical drivers of methane ebullition in northern peatlands.” 2009-2010

Award Value: £116K. PI: Y.A. Teh; Co-Is: A.J. Baird (Leeds), E.R.C. Hornibrook (Bristol), P. Ineson (York), K. Redeker (York), J.-A. Subke (York) 


NSF Sub-Award: “Investigation into the effects of microtopographic variability on net methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide fluxes from the San Francisco Bay Delta.” 2008

Sub-Award Value: USD18K. PIs: D.D. Baldocchi (UC Berkeley), W.L. Silver (UC Berkeley) & NM Kelly (UC Berkeley) Co-I: Y.A. Teh.

Further Info

External Responsibilities

External Examiner for the University of Edinburgh School of GeoSciences

Member of the NERC Peer Review College

Member of the NERC Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Facility Steering Group

Associate Editor for Ecology & Evolution

Teh Research Group

Based in Aberdeen

Dr Sabine Both

Postdoctoral Research Associate, co-supervised by Prof David Burslem and Prof David Johnson, 2014-present

Interests: Role of plant functional traits in modulating ecosystem functioning



Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Karim

PhD Student, co-supervised by Prof Elizabeth Baggs and Dr Nick Morley, 2014-present

Interests: Nitrous oxide cycling in tropical soils


Dr Ully Kritzler

Technician, co-supervsied with Prof David Burslem and Prof David Johnson, 2014-present

Interests: Plant-soil interactions, mycorrhizae


Dr Laura Kruitbos

Project Coordinator for the BALI Research Consortium, 2014-present

Interests: Soil microbial ecology



Frances Manning

PhD Student, 2013-present.

PhD title: Carbon dynamics in oil palm agro-ecosystems.


Dr Ming Nie

Postdoctoral Research Associate (co-supervsied with Prof Patrick Meir at the University of Edinburgh), 2014-present

Interests: Understanding the effects of global change and ecological disturbance on plant-soil interactions, ecosystem carbon and nitrogen dynamics.



Dr Viktoria Oliver

Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2015-present

Interests: Carbon, nitrogen and trace gas dynamics in temperate rice ecosystems; soil carbon dynamics in the tropical Andes


Norliyana Zin Zawawi

PhD Student, 2013-present.

PhD title: Nitric oxide and nitrous oxide emissions from oil palm planted on peat soils in Malaysia


Based in St Andrews and elsewhere

Sarah Cook

PhD Student at the University of Leicester, co-supervised by Prof Susan Page (Leicester), Dr Mick Whelan (Leicester) & Dr Vince Gauci (Open University)

PhD Title: Fluvial carbon losses from oil palm plantations on peatlands in SE Asia

Dr Melanie Chocholek

Research Associate at the University of St Andrews, co-supervised by Dr Tim Hill (St Andrews), 2012-present.

Interests: Trace gas dynamics in coastal salt marsh and mudflat ecosystems.



Graham Hambley

PhD Student at the University of St Andrews, co-supervised by Dr Tim Hill (St Andrews), 2012-present.

Interests: Whole-ecosystem carbon exchange in northern Scottish peatlands; micrometerology.



Wayne Murphy

PhD Student at the University of Leicester, co-supervised by Dr Juan Carlos Berrio (Leicester), Arnoud Boom (Leicester) and Prof Susan Page (Leicester), 2011-present.

Interests: Response of Amazonian swamp palm forests to human and environmental impacts.



Dr Torsten Diem

Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of St Andrews & the University of Aberdeen, 2010-2015

Interests: Trace gas fluxes along environmental gradients in the tropical Andes.


Dr Samuel (Sam) Jones

PhD Student at the University of Edinburgh, co-supervised with Prof Patrick Meir, 2010-2014

PhD title: Methane cycling in upland soils of the Andes and Amazon

Postdoctoral Research Associate at INRA Bordeaux, 2015-present

Interests: Quantifying spatial variability of carbonic anhydrase activity in soils using isotopic approaches






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