Dr Stephen Palmer

Dr Stephen Palmer
Dr Stephen Palmer

Dr Stephen Palmer

B.Sc.(hons), M.Sc., Ph.D.

Research Fellow



1996-2007 - NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Banchory

1995-1996 - The Macaulay Land Use Research institute, Aberdeen

1991-1995 - University of Oxford, based at The Institute of Terrestrial Ecology,


Research Overview

  • Functional connectivity in fragmented landscapes
  • Range shifting in response to environmental change
  • Modelling dispersal and its demographic consequences
  • Development and application of individual-based simulation models

Current Research

The main focus of my current research involves modelling the dispersal of organisms (mostly animals) and its consequences in terms of demographics and functional connectivity between populations in fragmented landscapes.

Principally, I use spatially explicit individual-based simulation models to address these issues. In particular, I have been involved in the development of the Stochastic Movement Simulator (SMS), a simple algorithm for representing movement on a cell-based cost surface subject to limited perceptual range, and RangeShifter, a modelling platform which combines a number of demographic and dispersal models (including SMS).

I am now developing RangShifter further to apply it to the adaptive management of non-native invasive species, with particular focus on species in Latin America.



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