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School of Biological Sciences


Infectious disease immunologist with a particular focus on immunoepidemiology

Memberships and Affiliations

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Old Aberdeen Biological Safety Advisor

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Editorial Board, Parasite Immunology 


Research Overview

Immune-surveillance for Exposure to Arthropod Vectors of Disease

We have identified a diagnostic antigen that enables exposure monitoring for Triatoma infestans in peri-domestic animals, an important vector of Chagas disease ( Current research is extending this method to probe human exposure to the vector.

We are using immune surveillance/serology to define sensitive markers for human exposure to ticks as part of the Northtick programme



Immunology and Pathogenesis in African trypanosome infections.

African trypanosomes are parasitic protozoans which cause sleeping sickness in man and ngana in domestic animals. These parasites are exquisite manipulators of the host immune-system. Recent research has focussed on understanding the pathogenesis of disease at a range of levels from the laboratory to the field and the application of novel diagnostic methods. This includes studies of macrophage activation by trypanosome molecules, studies of the immunological response to infections in patients in Malawi and Uganda, and research into novel diagnostic methods using immunological markers and metabolomic analysis. As of 2021 the lab is withdrawing from this research area.



Imperial College, Dept of Surgery and Cancer: Prof Elaine Holmes: Metabonomic discovery of diagnostic markers in sleeping sickness.

University of Glasgow, Dept of Neurology: Prof. Peter Kennedy: Models of CNS pathogenesis in trypanosomiasis

University of Glasgow, Wellcome Centre for Molecular Parasitology: Dr Annette MacLeod and Prof. Andy Tait: Molecular epidemiology of protozoan parasites

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VIB Department of Molecular and Cellular Interactions: Prof. Stefan Magez: Immune responses to tsetse fly saliva

Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda: Dr Enock Matovu. Clinical epidemiology and immunology in African trypanosomiasis

Funding and Grants

Tick Borne Infections in the North Sea Region EU InterReg 2019-2023  

CNS diagnostic markers in human African trypanosomiasis 2007-2008 FIND

Validation of lateral flow devices  2012-3 FIND

Defining the therapeutic role of IL-10 in African Trypanosomiasis. Wellcome Trust 2008-2012

Energetics of trypanosome infection BBSRC 2011-2015




Teaching Responsibilities

School of Biological Sciences Honours Project/4th year convener

Course leader for BI4016, ZO4816, BI4027 & Wildlife Parasitology Field Course



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