BSc, MSc, PhD, MIMechE, CEng.



Contact Details

fax 01467624657
The University of Aberdeen G43 23 St Machar Drive
Aberdeen AB24 3UU


1968-1971       Graduate Apprenticeship with English Electric/Lanchester Polytechnic. Gained a BSc in Mechanical engineering. CEng in 1974.

1971-1972       Postgraduate research (wet steam turbines) at Lanchester Polytechnic.

1972-1973       Schlumberger, Field engineer, Burgos and St Carlos, Spain

1974-1975       Schlumberger, Lead engineer, Siracusa,Crotone & Pescara, Italy.

1975-1977       Schlumberger, Training Center Manager, Livingstone, Scotland

1977-1980       Schlumberger, District Manager Qatar, Doha, Qatar.

1980-1981       Schlumberger, Product Development Engineer, Paris, France.

1981-1985       Schlumberger, South American Interpretation Manager. Caracas, Venezuela.

1986-1989       Schlumberger, Principle Scientist, Schlumberger DRC, Ridgefield, Ct, USA.

1989-1993       Schlumberger, Marketing Director United Kingdom. Aberdeen.

1993-1995       Schlumberger, Marketing Manager Europe & FSU. Hannover, Germany

1995-1998       Schlumberger, Corporate New Technology Manager, Paris, France.

1999-2003       Schlumberger, Evaluation Services Manager - North Africa, Algeria

2003-2004       Schlumberger, Operations Manager-N Africa. Hassi-Messaoud, Algeria.

2004-2005       MSc. Environmental Science – University of Aberdeen.

2004-2008       PhD in Systems Biology –University of Aberdeen

2008-present  Research Fellow –University of Aberdeen


Research Interests

Climate change, Carbon impact and efficiency of energy use, soil GHG emissions, modelling crop growth and soil chemistry, Miscanthus breeding, agronomy, chemistry, production and use, Life cycle analysis of energy and material use, geological reservoir characterization and modelling, fluid flow and measurement in porous media, carbon capture and storage, CO2 behavior in rocks, Petrophysics and NMR measurement techniques.

Current Research

GHG Europe project - Modelling attribution of anthropological and natural drivers to GHG emissions.

UKERC - Spatial modelling of biomass production and use in the UK, specializing in Miscanthus.

GIANT-LINK - Devopoling models of Miscanthus traits to aid selection of germplasm in selective breeding for specific environments.


Jatropha growth and soil carbon modelling with Prof. Meenu Saraf University of Gujarat, India.

Miscanthus modelling with Dr John Clifton-Brown, IBERS, Aberystwyth University, Wales.

Soil carbon modelling with Prof Mike Jones and Dr Mohamed Abdalla, Trinity College Dublin, Eire.

Research Grants

Shell UK Ltd, £150,000.00 to develop a third party version of MiscanFor Jan 2011-April 2012.

DECC - GIANT-LINK £50,000.00 to model miscanthus Jan 2011-Jan 2015

FP7-KBBE - OPTIMISC - Subcontract to IBERS Aberystwyth £45k for Miscanthus modelling (not finalized yet)


Teaching Responsibilities

Ad-hoc lectures on modelling.

Further Info

External Responsibilities

Program committee Memeber for the EUROPEC meeting a collaboration of the EAGE and SPE.

Paper selection Committee for Offshore Europe SPE technical meeting.

Reviewer for Biomass and Bioenergy, GCB, GCB-B, AgForMEt, AGEE, JPT, JCPT, SPE-FE, Sustainable agriculture, Bioenergy Research, European Journal of Forest Research, Environmental Science and Technology, Soil and Tillage research.

Project Reviewer for Ireland EPA, DECC-UK, Croatian Science Foundation, FAO, University of Hong Kong.


Admin Responsibilities

PECOS  for Modelling Group.



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