Dr Ana Payo-Payo

Dr Ana Payo-Payo
Dr Ana Payo-Payo

Dr Ana Payo-Payo

BSc & MSc(Hons) Oceanography & Environmental Sciences (Universidad de Cádiz), MSc & PhD Biodiversity Management and Conservation Biodiversity (University of Barcelona)

Research Fellow



Since 2020, I am an academic fellow at the School of Biological Sciences where I work at the interface of animal ecology, modeling and social sciences.  With students and colleagues, we focus on questions in ecology and conservation biology dealing with the impact of climate change and human activities on spatial and temporal dynamics and species management and conservation. 

If you’d like to work with us, feel free to contact me. Also, I can help you secure your own funding for your PhD or PostDoc if you have a neat idea. Drop me an email with your CV, interests and we can talk about it. 

You can find a few more details of my research in the following sections. My ambition is to promote social justice and climate action within and outside of academia. 



  • PhD Biodiversity Management and Conservation 
    2017 - Universidad de Barcelona 
  • MSc Biodiversity Management and Conservation 
    2011 - Universidad de Barcelona 
  • MSc Marine Sciences 
    2010 - Universidad de Cádiz 
  • MSc Environmental Sciences 
    2010 - Universidad de Cádiz 

Memberships and Affiliations

Internal Memberships

SBS Ethics Committee

SBS Sustainability Committee

External Memberships

Spanish Ornitological Society SEO-Birdlife

British Ecological Society

British Ornithological Union

SRUK Spanish Researchers in the UK association

Steering committee of the Sea Scotland Conference 2020-2022

BOU Meetings Committee 2020

VII Wold Seabird Twitter Conference Organizing Committee 2021

Early Career SULSA Representative2 020

Grey Hope Bay Stories Creative Committee 2020

Prizes and Awards

Gold Medal Red Cross Spain, commitment with environmental sustainability and climate change action 2019.

Premio Manuel Leal Best Professional career 2019. 

Academic Excellence Award PhD Thesis University of Barcelona 2018.

Runner up best oral presentation Liverpool International Seabird Group Conference 2018.

Homeward Bound fellow 2018.

Runner up FAMELAB Spain 2014.

Academic Excellence Award BSc Environmental Sciences & Marine Sciences Universidad de Cádiz 



Research Overview


I work at the interface of theoretical and quantitative ecology. My main aims are to understand underlying eco-evolutionary processes driving population dynamics and to quantify and identify anthropogenic and environmental drivers acting on wild populations. Specifically, I have focused the effects stochasticity ― early life conditions, supplementary feeding, consecutive perturbations and extreme climatic events ― on life history traits such as survival, breeding performance, dispersal, migration, colonization or persistence.  Unravelling the underlying dynamics of wild populations under different environmental stochasticity regimes goes beyond the pure thrill of contributing to widening our ecological knowledge. Animal populations are increasingly vulnerable to extinction and population declines; hence understanding the processes, which underlie their dynamics, will be an invaluable tool in conserving and managing these species. Moreover, within my research I aim to integrate the socio-ecological perspective when modelling animal populations. This is because species do not exist on their own; they have an ecological and a social context that modulates their response to management actions. Therefore, if we aim to achieve both species conservation and sustainable development of local communities, we need to integrate them through the scientific process.

1. Demography ( including complex systems)

2. No Harm Energy Transition. 

3. Human Wildlife Conflict

4. Scientific Colonialism in Ecological Research

5. Art and Science as tools to achieve a more sustainable and cohesive society.

To have a look at my publication record you have a look at my Google Scholar profile. 


Current students:

PhD Projects

J Bamber. 2020. Managing the impact of recovering mobile predators on endangered birds through prey switching: a field experiment in a habitat restoration landscape in the Cairngorms. Super DTP. Supervisors: X Lambin (1st), A Payo Payo, K Kortland & C Sutherland  .

Thomas Balague. 2020. Forecasting Ecological Future for African Vultures. Supervisors: Justin Travis, Ana Payo Payo, Aurore Ponchon.

Hons Projects

A. Mcgregor. 2020. Estimating Roseate Terns adult survival on the south-east coast of South Africa. Supervisors: A Payo-Payo (1st).  

D. Kovecses. 2020. Impact of wintering locations on the breeding success of European Shags in the east coast of Scotland. Supervisors: A Payo-Payo (1st), J Reid (2nd).

Past Students

MSc Projects

C Cove. 2019. Extreme climate events influence population dynamics by affecting vital rates of the European shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis) at the Bullers of Buchan, Scotland. Supervisors: Jane Reid (1st), A Payo- Payo (2nd), P Acker (3rd).

J Dirks. 2020. Fulmar survival in a changing ocean. A Payo-Payo (1st), P Thompson(2nd),

A Chambaudet. 2020. Understanding the factors underlying recommendations between human and large felids coexistence: A systematic review. Supervisors: A Payo-Payo (1st), X Lambin(2nd).

H Cunningham. 2020. How deer grallochs influence the survival of different predator species within the Cairngorms. Supervisors:  X Lambin (1st), A Payo-Payo(2nd)

M Henry. 2020. Monitoring predator behavior with accelerometer data. Supervisors: T Cornulier (1st), A Payo-Payo(2nd).

Hons Projects

V. Montalvo. 2019. Mapping wolf acceptability in central Spain: incorporating human attitudes to conflict-prone species research. J Travis (1st), A Payo-Payo(2nd).


Funding and Grants

Migrate. BES Outreach Grant. 2020-2021. 

A direct test of the impact of infection on animal migration: consequences for parasite and host populations (NERC Reference: NE/V001809/1/ NE/V001779/1) PI. Emma Cunningham. Co-I Ana Payo Payo 2020-2022.

Linking demographic theory and data to forecast the dynamics of spatially-structured seasonally-mobile populations. University of Aberdeen PI. Reid Jane. Post doc Ana Payo Payo 2018 - 2020



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