The University's field centre at Bettyhill in Sutherland provides residential accommodation for teaching and research in ecology, archaeology and environmental sciences in one of the most spectacular areas of Britain.

The centre was extensively refurbished in the mid-2000s and comprises:

  • a classroom and equipment store
  • a large kitchen and dining area
  • a small and a large dormitory sleeping up to 12 or 18 people, respectively
  • an attached house accommodating up to about 12 people in five rooms

Bettyhill lies on the northern coast of the Scottish mainland, exposed to the vigorous climate of the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape comprises wild moorland, mountains, sandy beaches and precipitous cliffs.

It has been described as being "quite unlike any other...apparently compressed by the sky… a coastline torn to pieces by storm seas" and the winters as "long, dark, dreary and boisterous". As some compensation, the day-length in mid-June approaches 20 hours.

Generations of students have experienced the unforgettable delights of studying at Bettyhill.