Life and Earth Sciences at the University of Aberdeen is ranked as the top University in Scotland for international scientific collaboration (CWTS Leiden 2013).

Research in the School of Biological Sciences is in collaboration with over 500 institutions (comprising businesses, universities and government organisations) across more than 65 countries, and ~30% of our research students are supervised in collaboration with other institutions.

The Scottish Food Security Alliance-Crops is a collaboration with the University of Dundee and the James Hutton Institute bringing together our complementary expertise in crop science, soil science, environmental modelling, plant-soil interactions and nutrition to focus on optimising resource use, improving nutritional quality and safety in the food chain, assessing the impacts of farming on environmental security, and harnessing the productive potential of diverse landscapes.

Collaboration with the Hawkesbury Institute of the Environment (University of Western Sydney) has led to a joint PhD programme, in which PhD students spend their second year at the reciprocal University, and graduate with a joint degree.

We enjoy strong partnerships with industry, which have led to the development of key technologies and advances in analytical capability. For example the bioremediation spin-out companies EPONA Technologies Ltd, and Remedios Ltd