It is a legal requirement that all autoclaves, regardless of size, are periodically examined by a person who is competent to assess their suitability for continued safe use. We use Allianz Cornhill Engineering to examine our autoclaves. The examinations which they carry out for us are coordinated by Estates however individual Schools remain responsible for ensuring that their autoclaves are examined at appropriate intervals. The following actions should be taken to achieve this.

1) Schools should have copies on file of reports of examination for each of their autoclaves. A report will state the date beyond which the autoclave must not be operated without a further examination. An autoclave should not be used unless the School has an in-date report showing that the autoclave is suitable for further service.

2) Schools should have copies of the "written scheme of examination" for each of their autoclaves. This is a document which specifies the frequency of examination, the parts to be examined and the examination methods. These written schemes are usually prepared by Allianz Cornhill Engineering but copies must be held by Schools. The reference number of each written scheme is recorded on the report of the examination. Copies of written schemes can be obtained from the surveyor from Allianz Cornhill Engineering when he next visits to carry out an examination of an autoclave.

3) Schools should ensure that Allianz Cornhill Engineering are informed of any new autoclaves as soon as they are delivered so that they can be incorporated into the examination schedule. Contact Malcolm Scott in Estates with details of new autoclaves and he will inform Allianz Cornhill Engineering.

Contact the University Safety Adviser, if further advice or assistance with autoclave safety is needed.