Central Advisers

More information about health and safety at the University is available from our central advisers.

General Enquiries e:
Mr Naveed Qamar
Director of Health, Safety & Wellbeing
t: 01224 272783
t: 07481 850414 (mobile)
Dr Allan Petrie
Assistant Health and Safety Adviser
t: 01224 273896
Mr Stewart Napier
Fire Safety Adviser
t: 01224 274786

Each School/Support Service should also appoint one or more members of staff to the role of local safety adviser.  The main task of a safety adviser is to provide advice to others in the unit on health and safety matters. The local adviser also acts as the point of contact between the unit and the University Safety Advisers.

Enquiries should normally be directed to a local adviser in the first instance.

Occupational Health Service

This is provided to the University by GO Health Services which is part of NHS Grampian. Services include specialist advice and assistance in connection with the effect of the working environment on employees' health and the effect of employees' health on their ability to carry out their duties at work.

Radiation Protection Service

This is provided to the University by NHS Grampian Radiation Protection Service. Services include specialist advice and assistance with the use of sources of ionising and non-ionising radiations (including lasers).

Biomedical Physics Building, Foresterhill
Telephone 01224 553109 or 01224 553209

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