An infant’s taste preferences begin to establish early in development and may be influenced by the mother’s diet during pregnancy. Ultimately we want to test whether increasing the diversity of a mother’s diet in the final third of pregnancy makes infants more likely to accept a wide variety of fruit and vegetables in childhood. We have developed a range of soups, sauces, crispbreads, muffins and smoothies that incorporate vegetables and /or fruits often perceived as tasting bitter or sour and thus less preferred. Before testing this hypothesis, we need help in establishing the general acceptance and taste profile of the different fruit and vegetable containing foods in a group of pregnant women.

We are looking for:

  • Women who are between 16 and 32 weeks pregnant
  • Healthy
  • Non-smokers
  • Not having any food allergies or intolerances 


This study will involve 3 visits to the Rowett Institute and filling in a food diary at home.

At the Rowett, we will ask you to taste our range of foods and rate them for various qualities including appearance, taste, flavour and texture.

If interested please see the participant information sheet for further details of what would be involved should you decide to take part.