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The University of Aberdeen Life-course and Population Health; Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health; Polwarth Building; Foresterhill; Aberdeen AB25 2ZD

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Sustainability of Healthy diets

The importance of considering the sustainability of healthy diets is now widely recognized. The multi-dimensional nature of sustainable diets means that a greater understanding of how the demands of different goals can be combined to optimize the diet of the Scottish population is needed.

Principal Component Analysis, and Cluster Analysis techniques are being used to identify food and drink purchasing patterns by households in Scotland that are consistent with healthy (i.e. Scottish Dietary Goals) and sustainable (e.g. lower GHGE and lower land use) dietary choices.

Shifting the diet of Scotland’s population towards one that is optimal will have consequences beyond health and environmental sustainability, including household food security of lower income households and wider economic sustainability.

Models developed will be used to explore the consequences, in terms of food purchasing costs experienced by consumers and possible effects on the Scottish food and drink industry, of changes towards healthier and more sustainable diets.



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Contributions to Journals


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    [Online] AURA: Supplement_4.docx
    [Online] AURA: Supplement_5.docx
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    [Online] AURA: 15330_1_merged_1433440530.pdf
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