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I am a biologist graduated at the University of Florence in Italy.

Firstly, I completed my bachelor degree in Biological Sciences in 2012, with a thesis project focused on developing techniques of phytoremediation. On this occasion, I identified the taxonomy of symbiotic bacteria characterizing the rhizosphere of leguminous plants able to grow in soils contaminated by heavy metals.

As for my master studies, I specialized in Molecular and Cellular Biology, developing my internship at the Edmund Mach Foundation (Trento, Italy) on a project consisting of the evaluation of the anorexiant effect of the lipid hormone Oleylethanolamide (OEA) on the gut microbiota composition in murine models. For this aim, the hypervariable region V3-V5 of the bacterial 16S rRNA gene has been sequenced through 454 Roche Pyrosequencing.

After my Master degree in 2014, I continued working on this topic directing my attention on both the prediction of functions played by the gut microbiota and the interpretation of bioinformatic data.

Finally, for my interest on the links between the gut microbiota and host health, I began at the Rowett Institute a PhD project entitled "Mechanisms underpinning the links between diet, the intestinal microbiota and health" embracing all of these arguments and their interplay with nutrition.


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