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First, I completed my bachelor degree in Biological Sciences in 2012 in Florence (Italy), and my thesis focused on developing techniques of phytoremediation. On this occasion, I characterized the rhizosphere of leguminous plants able to grow in soils contaminated by heavy metals.

Then, as for my master studies, I specialized in Molecular and Cellular Biology, developing my internship at the Edmund Mach Foundation (Trento, Italy) on a project consisting of the evaluation of the anorexiant effect of the lipid hormone Oleylethanolamide (OEA) on the gut microbiota composition in murine models. After my master degree in 2014, which was awarded cum laude, I carried on this topic also analyzing metagenomic data until the beginning of my PhD in October 2016.

In June 2016 I got a 4 years-long PhD fellowship donated by Tenovus Scotland Medical Support Research for my project entitled "Mechanisms underpinning the links between diet, the intestinal microbiota and health". I am currently working on my project that will be finishing in October 2019. Until now I collected satisfactory experiences, such as the "Cuthberston Prize" for the best oral presentation within the Rowett Institute in May 2018 and the conseguent possibility to give a talk for an inter-institutional SEFARI PhD Conference in Edinburgh.


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