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I obtained my bachelor degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in 2008. I then moved to the Department of Physiology to pursue a Master’s Degree in 2010 and later a PhD in Endocrinology in 2013 under the supervision of Prof Miguel Lopez and Carlos Dieguez. During my graduate work I investigated how the brain regulates whole body energy homeostasis, with a particular emphasis on hormones like estrogen and thyroid hormones and exogenous compounds like nicotine and how can they modulate the cellular energy sensor AMPK in the brain. I was also interested in how this factorus could act in the brain to modualte body weight through the regulation of the thermogenic program in the brown adipose tissue.

In 2014 was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship from Xunta de Galicia, Spanish Government to join Prof Heisler’s team. A year later, was awarded with a Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie-Individual Fellowship under the HORIZON2020, the EU Research and Innovation programme. Here I am interested in pursuing, at a neuronal level, how these connections to the brown adipose tissue and other peripheral organs regualte the energy homeostasis procesess and how its understanding could be of potential use to treat metabolic diseases. 



External Memberships

Member of the British Society for Neuroendocrinology (BSN) since 2016.


Research Overview

To understand which are the neurons integrating the circuitry that modulates energy expenditure, and how this process is remodeled with ageing.

Funding and Grants

Discovery of neurons reversing decline in physical activity with age - Research Reboot (COVID-19 Impact) Research Grants. The Royal Society of Edinburgh 06/2021-12/2021

Decrypting the VMH to BAT axis regulating energy expenditure - WellcomeTrust ISSF Fellowship development 06/2018-05/2019

Delineation of a brain circuit regulating energy expenditure to reduce obesity - MRC Discovery Project 01/2018-07/2018

Delineation of a brain circuit regulating energy expenditure to impact body weight (NeuroEE) - ERC MSCA-IF 02/2016-01/2018

Decoding the energy expenditure axis - WellcomeTrust ISSF Seedcorn 01/2016-08/2017


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  • Pharmacological evidence for transactivation within melatonin MT2 and serotonin 5‐HT2C receptor heteromers in mouse brain

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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • mTOR signaling in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus mediates the anorectic action of estradiol

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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Hypothalamic AMPK-ER Stress-JNK1 Axis Mediates the Central Actions of Thyroid Hormones on Energy Balance

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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Chronic Activation of γ2 AMPK Induces Obesity and Reduces β Cell Function

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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Nicotine improves obesity and hepatic steatosis and ER stress in diet-induced obese male rats

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    Endocrinology, vol. 155, no. 5, pp. 1679-1689
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
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