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Does food structure affect satiety? Dr Perry Barrett & Dr Alex Johnstone
Assessing consumer responses to sustainable plant-based proteins: identifying barriers to change Dr Sandra Carlisle
Developing foods for enhanced satiety - understanding food-gut-brain interactions Dr Alexander Ross
Dietary fibre and satiety Dr Clare Adam
Diet, phytochemicals and age-related diseases Dr Andreas Kolb
Obesity and Colon Cancer Dr Janice Drew
Balancing protein and fibre in our diet Dr Silvia Gratz
Berries may improve insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetics Dr Nigel Hoggard
Diet and Deprivation Professor Paul Haggarty
Diet and Inflammation - new insights into obesity and metabolic health Dr Lynda Williams
Dietary Fibre And Gut Health Professor Harry Fint
Dietary Selenium and Cardiovascular Health Dr Alan Sneddon
Evaluating Diet-Related Policy Dr Jennie Macdiarmid
Fats So? Understanding The Metabolism Of Dietary Fats and Their Impact On Health Dr Baukje de Roos
Folate and Cancer Dr Susan Duthie
Gut bacteria are essential to human health and recent research is showing how they work Professor Denise Kelly
Human Appetite Research - Working Towards Effective Dietary Strategies for Weight Loss Dr Alexandra Johnstone
Introduction - Obesity in the Workplace Dr Alexandra Johnstone and Prof. Julian Mercer
Iron in Pregnancy Professor Harry McArdle
Nutrition During Pregnancy Professor Harry McArdle
Oats could hold the key to a healthier lifestyle Dr Frank Theis
One size doesn't fit all! Differences between individuals and the potential implications for dietary health effects Dr Petra Louis
Plants and Plant Extracts to Replace Growth-Promoting Antibiotics in Farm Livestock Production Professor John Wallace
Probiotics and Prebiotics: effects on the gut microbiota Dr Karen Scott
Phytochemicals and Health Professor Garry Duthie
Sugar And Saturated Fat Intake in Children Professor Geraldine McNeill
Targeting mechanisms of hunger and satiety in the fight against obesity Professor Julian Mercer
The role of muscle in appetite control Dr Perry Barrett
You Are What Your Mother Ate: Diet, Pregnancy Outcome and Lifelong Health Dr Jacqueline Wallace
Zinc - essential for health Professor John Beattie