A Taste of Plants Recipe Book

A Taste of Plants Recipe Book

We have recently been studying how different sources of protein may contribute to healthier diets, could help Scotland be more sustainable (both economically and environmentally) and help reduce its dependence on imported foods and ingredients. Our research has looked at the potential to use our land in different ways.

One aspect of this work has been to investigate crops which present a high protein content and have historically been grown in Scotland or currently grown elsewhere in similar climates and could be introduced to Scotland. Having looked at many potential candidates, we have focused on pea, fava bean, hemp and buckwheat.

This book demonstrates some different ways to include these exciting ingredients into your cooking, both in traditional recipes and in new dishes. We can all be healthier and eat a sustainable diet by considering our dietary choices. In many of our recipes we have replaced all the animal protein. However, you could start by only partially replacing the animal protein and adapt them to suit your own taste by adding or changing ingredients. We hope that you enjoy our recipes and will be inspired to create your own, or to adapt old favourites to include plant proteins.

A Taste of Plants, a collection of plant based recipes is now available to download as a pdf

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