Rowett Seminar

Rowett Seminar

This is a past event

Dr Michelle Morris of University of Leeds

Dr Michelle Morris of University of Leeds will present a talk on: 

Dietary Patterns in UK Consumer Purchase Data and what works to change these

Poor diet is a leading cause of death in the United Kingdom (UK) and around the world. Methods to collect quality dietary information at scale for population research are time consuming, expensive and biased. Novel data sources, such as supermarket sales transactions and loyalty card data, offer the potential to overcome these challenges and better understand population dietary patterns. In this talk I will first discuss how well supermarket loyalty card transaction data compare to traditional dietary assessment methods, sharing results from the STRIDE (Supermarket Transaction Records In Dietary Evaluation) Study.  I will then share examples of how these data can be used to better understand population level dietary patterns, how these compare with national recommendations, and how they vary by sociodemographic characteristics.  These data have additionally demonstrated utility in evaluation of interventions and natural experiments in a supermarket setting. I will present results from a Plant Based Meat Alternatives placement trial with ASDA and what happened to fruit and vegetable purchases when Sainsbury’s offered Healthy Start voucher users a £2 top up coupon with each government voucher.

Dr Michelle Morris
Hosted by
Dr Brendan Gabriel
The Health Sciences Building room 213

Staff and students only