Nutrition Society live webinar on the SACN saturated fat report

Nutrition Society live webinar on the SACN saturated fat report

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Staff seminar/webinar

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has now published their comprehensive review of the evidence on saturated fats and health. SACN have reviewed the considerable body of evidence published since the last review of the scientific evidence by the UK’s Committee on Medical Aspects of Food and Nutrition Policy in 1994.

Based on 47 systematic reviews and meta-analyses, SACN has concluded that:

  • higher saturated fat consumption is linked to raised blood cholesterol
  • higher intakes of saturated fat are associated with increased risk of heart disease and
  • saturated fats should be swapped with unsaturated fats
  • there is no need to change current advice that saturated fat should not exceed around 10% of food energy.

During this 45- minute webinar, Professor Paul Haggarty, Chair of the SACN Saturated Fats Working Group, will discuss the evidence considered within the SACN report and the basis of the conclusions drawn on the range of outcomes considered: cardiovascular disease, blood lipids, blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and measures of glycaemic control, anthropometry, cancers and cognition. Professor Haggarty will also discuss the limitations of the evidence and research recommendations arising from the consideration of evidence.

This event is free for those who attend the presentation in the Rowett lecture theatre



Professor Paul Haggarty
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