Rowett Institute Staff Seminar

Rowett Institute Staff Seminar

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Opening up your research data: From policy to practice

Open-access journals are a standard feature of  the academic publishing landscape, and now  funders are turning their attention to increasing the visibility of the data underpinning published research outputs. With funders and publishers alike now also requiring that datasets be shared or deposited in data centres or repositories,  academics need to be aware of the importance of managing research data in line with their expectations. The University of Aberdeen’s  policy on research data management  is designed to  provide a framework for the appropriate management and sharing of research data generated as a result of University research activity.  This session will provide an overview of the infrastructure the university has in place to assist researchers in managing their research data, with a particular emphasis on how library staff can  help academics make their datasets publicly accessible  in Pure.

Mary Mowat
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Rowett Institute
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Dr Nigel Hoggard
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This is a technical seminar aimed at professional scientists. If you are not a University of Aberdeen staff member and would like to attend, please contact us.