About Us

On 31st August 2015 we moved in to our new purpose-built nursery building. Our building is the first early years setting in Scotland to be built using the Passivhaus (Passive House) design. The passivhaus aim is to be energy efficient and maintain a comfortable environment without the need for using heating.

The Rocking Horse Nursery is an independent nursery set up under the terms of a Trust to provide nursery facilities for students and staff of the University of Aberdeen. The Trust is a non-profit making body, but the Nursery has to be self-supporting.

The Nursery is committed to the provision of high-quality childcare and education. Through its registration with the Care Inspectorate (SCSWIS), and its partnership with the Local Authority Pre-School Team, the nursery is open to inspection at any time.

We are located in Aberdeen University's Old Aberdeen campus and can cater for up to 78 children at any one time. The nursery has 3 departments:

  • Yellow room
    Children aged between 3 months and 2 years have facilities where there is a cloakroom, large playroom with snack and craft areas, a sleep room, and shared toilet/changing area.
  • Pink room
    Children aged 2-3 years have a large playroom, adjoining shared snack/craft room, and shared toilet/changing area.
  • Green Room
    Children aged 3-5 years have facilities in a large playroom, separate toileting area, direct access to a creative play/meal room, and a cloakroom area.

We are a single-storey building, with all departments having direct access to our outdoor areas. There is a large outdoor area of slabs and grass, and we have a separate large walled garden area.

The kitchen is adjacent to the reception area. There is also a family area available next to the reception in which parents can meet.