Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies

Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies

ISSN 1753-2396: Aberdeen University Press, Aberdeen

The Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies is the only peer reviewed journal devoted to scholarly work in the languages, history, literature and cultures of both countries.

The editors also publish an online (open access) reviews section:

Subscription is per annum, and runs on a calendar year basis (2 issues per annum, with 2 issues per volume).  The Journal is available Open Access (freely available online) 6-12 months after print publication.

Vol 1.1 (2007) Cultural Exchange: from Medieval to Modernity (order paperback)

JISS v1.1 Open Access

Vol 1.2 (2008) Unions: Past - Present - Future (order paperback)

JISS v1.2 Open Access

Vol 2.1 (2008) Gallic Connections: Irish and Scottish Encounters with France (order paperback)

JISS v2.1 Open Access

Vol 2.2 (2009) The Arts, Culture and the Wealth of Nations(order paperback)

JISS v2.2 Open Access

Vol 3.1 (2009) Exceptional Peoples? Irish and Scots on the Frontier (order paperback)

JISS v3.1 Open Access

Vol 3.2 (2010) The Patrick Gordon Diary And Its Context (order paperback)

JISS v3.2 Open Access

Vol 4.1 (2010) Nations, Diasporas, Identities (order paperback)

JISS v4.1 Open Access

Vol 4.2 (2011) The Spaces of the Nation: Spatial Planning in Scotland and the Island of Ireland (order paperback)

JISS v4.2 Open Access

Vol 5.1 (2011) Migrating Minds (order paperback)

JISS v5.1 Open Access

Vol 5.2 (2012) After the Homecoming (order paperback)

JISS v5.2 Open Access

Vol 6.1 (2012) National Cosmopolitanisms (order paperback)

JISS v6.1 Open Access

Vol 6.2 (2013) Social Order and Social Ordering in Stuart Ireland and Scotland (order paperback)

JISS v6.2 Open Access

Vol 7.1 (2013) Contested Witnesses in Irish and Scottish Literature (order paperback)

JISS v7.1 Open Access

Vol 7.2 (2014) The World of Patrick Gordon (order paperback)

JISS v7.2 Open Access

Vol 8.1 (2014) On the Edge (order paperback)

JISS v8.1 Open Access

Vol 8.2 (2015) The Strike in Irish and Scottish History (order paperback)

JISS v8.2 Open Access

Vol 9.1 (2019) Scottish and Irish Literature: Before and After Theory (order paperback)

JISS v9.1 Open Access

Vol 9.2 (2018) Scottish urban archives and histories: context and a legal historical perspective (order paperback)

JISS v9.2 Open Access


Vol 10.1 (2020) Land and Sea (order paperback in March 2022)

JISS v10.1 Open Access


Vol 10.2 (2020) Love, Loss and Landscape (order paperback)

JISS v10.2 Open Access


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