Dining for Ireland?
Michael Brown (University of Aberdeen)
A review of
Martyn J. Powell, The Politics of Consumption in Eighteenth-Century Ireland
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Who Fears to Write of Ninety-Eight?
Stephen Dornan (University of Aberdeen)
A review of
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Lowland Presbyterian Unionist Politicians and the Union
Daniel MacCannell (University of Aberdeen)
A review of
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More than a Province of the Mind
Johanna Archbald (Trinity College Dublin)
A review of
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A Tale of Two Countries
Rosalyn Trigger (University of Aberdeen)
A review of
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It Is Not Enough to Have Written the Thing
Margaret Maxwell (University of Aberdeen)
A Review of
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The Importance of not being Over-Earnest
Isobel Murray (University of Aberdeen)
A review of
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Digging New Ground?
Sukanya Basu (University of Aberdeen)
A Review of
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‘Not not the “real” James Kelman’
Paul Shanks (University of Aberdeen)
A Review of
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A Sporting Challenge?
Neal Garnham (University of Ulster)
Review of
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Kings and Demons
William G. Naphy (University of Aberdeen)
A review of
Brian Levack, Witch-Hunting in Scotland: Law, Politics and Religion (Routledge; Oxford, 2008). ISBN (13): 978-0-415-39943-2 (pbk); 217pp.

William G. Naphy
University of Aberdeen
A review of
Brian Levack, Witch-Hunting in Scotland: Law, Politics and Religion (Routledge: London, 2008). ISBN (13): 978-0-415-39943-2, 217pp.

‘Who are these people?’
Marnie Hay (Trinity College Dublin)
A Review of
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Still in search of liberty
Nicholas Allen (NUI Galway)
A Review of
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Where was British Romanticism?
Joep Leerssen (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
A Review of
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