Phase Two Projects

  • Irish and Scottish diasporas from the 1600s to the present, was led by Dr Michael Brown (Aberdeen)
  • The role of Jacobitism in the development of Scotland’s commercial and imperial links from 1680-1830, was led by Professor Allan Macinnes (Strathclyde) in conjunction with researchers at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich
  • The impact on the United States and the countries of the British Empire of intellectual migration from Scotland and Ireland in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, was led by Professor Cairns Craig (Aberdeen)
  • A comparative study of twentieth-century Irish and Scottish poetry, was led by Professor Edna Longley and Dr Fran Brearton (Queen’s, Belfast)
  • The development of representations of dialect in the novel in Ireland and Scotland in the nineteenth century, was led by Professor David Hewitt and Dr Barbara Fennell (Aberdeen)