New Perspectives on Fifteenth-Century Scotland III

New Perspectives on Fifteenth-Century Scotland III

A two-day workshop on the latest research into Fifteenth-Century Scotland, including the Law in the Aberdeen Council Registers Project.

Friday 25 August

1330-1345: Welcome: Dr Claire Hawes / Professor Michael P. Brown.

1345-1400: Law in the Aberdeen Council Registers project overview: Dr Jackson Armstrong.


1400-1530: New Perspectives on Materiality, Chair: Dr Jackson Armstrong

  • Dr Morvern French (Historic Environment Scotland): 'New Perspectives on Methodology: Reconstructing Fifteenth Century Scotland'.

  • Dr William Hepburn (University of Aberdeen): 'Burgh Registers and Documentary Culture in Late Medieval Scotland'.


1530-1600: Coffee break


1600-1730: Politics in Comparative Perspective, Chair: Dr Alastair MacDonald

  • Dr Katy Jack (National Trust for Scotland): 'A King Inspired? Assessing English Influence on the Development of the Scottish Crown during the Reign of James I'.

  • Ms Lynn Kilgallon (Trinity College, Dublin): 'Representative Assemblies and the Structure of Politics in Scotland and Ireland, c.1399–1424'.


1730-1830: Wine Reception

Sponsored by the Perth Charterhouse Project (University of Stirling, University of the Highlands and Islands, and SimVis at Glasgow School of Art).


1930: Dinner


Saturday 26 August

0930-1100: New Perspectives on Art and Literature, Chair: Professor Jane Geddes.

  • Dr Caitlin Flynn (Freie Universität Berlin): ‘Criticising the Poetics of Courtly Love in Dunbar and Chaucer'.

  • Dr Lizzie Swarbrick (University of Edinburgh): 'The Implications of Origins: Scottish Late Medieval Art and Architecture and the Question of National Styles'.


1100-1130: Coffee break.


1130-1300: Discussion Session, Chair: Dr Claire Hawes.

  • Dr Lucy Dean (University of the Highlands and Islands): New Perspectives on Public Engagement.

  • Professor Michael H. Brown (University of St Andrews): The State of the Historiogaphy.

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