Seminar Subjects

The following gives a list of suggested seminar titles designed for students having studied the accompanying resource and appropriate texts cited in the bibliography:

  • History of research into the Rhynie chert.
  • Origin of the Rhynie chert as a hot-spring deposit.
  • What is a geothermal system?
  • Terrestrial arthropods in the Rhynie chert.
  • Aquatic arthropods in the Rhynie chert.
  • The structure of one of the Rhynie chert plants (use any plant).
  • Fossilisation in the Rhynie chert.
  • Evolutionary importance of the Rhynie chert plants.
  • Rhynie chert compared with modern sinters deposited from hot-springs.
  • Source of the Rhynie hot-spring fluids.
  • Composition of the Rhynie hot-spring fluids.
  • Role of fungi in the Early Devonian Rhynie ecosystem.
  • The life cycle of a typical terrestrial plant from the Rhynie chert - sporophytes and gametophytes.
  • Plant spores in the Rhynie chert and associated sedimentary rocks.