Exam Subjects

The following is a list of suggested written examination questions designed for students having studied the accompanying resource and appropriate texts cited in the bibliography:

  • Discuss the importance of the Rhynie chert flora to palaeobotany.
  • Was the Rhynie chert flora typical of Early Devonian terrestrial/freshwater environments? Discuss.
  • What is the evidence that the Rhynie chert was originally deposited as siliceous hot-spring sinters in the Early Devonian?
  • Discuss the events that resulted in the preservation of Devonian plants in growth position in the Rhynie chert.
  • Discuss the relationships of the Rhynie chert plants to extant taxonomic groups.
  • Compare and contrast textural features of the Rhynie chert with those of modern hot-spring sinters.
  • Discuss the Rhynie chert fauna in relation to modern arthropod faunas from similar environments.
  • Discuss the evidence that shows that the plants found in the Rhynie chert were preserved both whilst living, and/or after various stages of decay.
  • What is the evidence that the Rhynie chert plants and animals were terrestrial?
  • Considering the alternation of generations in plants, describe the full life history of one of the Rhynie chert terrestrial plants.