Prestigious 'royal' post for Professor

Prestigious 'royal' post for Professor

An Aberdeen professor has been appointed to a rare and extremely prestigious position

The Queen has appointed Professor Chris Secombes to Regius Chair of Natural History at the University of Aberdeen.

Regius Chairs are ‘royal’ professorships traditionally given to ancient universities which reflect the exceptionally high quality of teaching and research at an institution.

The University has six Regius Chairs - Professor Secombes’ Chair was founded at the University some time before 1858.

Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Principal and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Aberdeen, said: “This appointment is testimony to Professor Chris Secombes' impressive academic track record, particularly in the field of fish immunology.”

Professor Secombes, an internationally acclaimed fish immunologist and fish biologist, who has been with the University for 32 years and who headed up its School of Biological Sciences for nine years, said: “I’m absolutely honoured and delighted to now hold the position of Regius Chair of Natural History.

“It is a very high profile position and I believe that my appointment reflects the strength in marine and fish biology, and biological sciences more generally, at the University of Aberdeen.”

Professor Secombes, whose research is focused on finding better vaccines to prevent disease outbreaks in fish farming, is a past President of the International Society for Comparative Immunology, a life member of the International Society for Fish and Shellfish Immunology, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

He added: “I’m following in the footsteps of exceptionally worthy past recipients of this particular Regius Chair and was very fortunate to work alongside two of the previous recipients – the last was Professor Paul Racey who carried out a huge amount of very important conservation work around bats. I am very flattered to be offered this prestigious position and thank all those who have supported me during my career thus far at the University of Aberdeen.”

Jennifer Phillips

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