F Marin

“The first animal to disappear will be the small-scale fisherman”. Perception of the environment and conservation of an Argentinian “natural area”.

This project concerns the perception of the environment within the small-scale fishermen community of the Valdés Peninsula (Argentina). Considered of worldwide importance for the survival of “endangered species”, like the Southern Right whale and the Magellanic Penguin, this peninsula is protected not only by the Argentinian Government but also by UNESCO and Ramsar Convention. My research brings together a focus on the legal framework for environmental conservation with a phenomenological approach to the everyday engagement of fishermen and biologists marine environment’s needs.

Taking part in fishing activities will be an apprenticeships of the skills that inform the ecological relations of fishermen with their environment and will let them direct my attention so as to teach me how to look at the sea as they do (Grasseni, 2004). Combining this apprenticeship with the one I will undergo collaborating with biologists of the National Patagonic Centre (branch of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina CENPAT-CONICET), I will take the first step into the Peninsula Valdés ecology. Such opportunities of making, and thinking through making are the core of the collaborative ethnography that characterizes the Knowing from the Inside project. This collaboration is carried out both with the Aberdeen and with the fieldwork collaborators, since the design of the research till the analysis of its results.

Francesca Marin (Doctoral researcher)