Field-Cycling Add-on Coils

In a project funded by an EPSRC Follow-on Fund grant, we investigated the feasibility of add-on hardware to allow FFC-MRI to be performed on some existing commercial MRI scanners. The type of technology we investigated could allow field-cycling on vertical-field, open-geometry magnets, by the use of a "pancake" field-offset insert coil. The figure below illustrates this concept.

Sketch of a "pancake" field-offset coil inside a vertical-field, open-geometry MRI system.   Field-offset coil concept

Together with project partners Tesla Engineering Ltd. we produced a prototype field-offset magnet coil and successfully tested it in our 59 mT vertical-field MRI system. Although this is not an open-geometry MRI system, it nevertheless served as an excellent test-bed for the offset-coil add-on concept.

Prototype "pancake" field-offset coil, ready for insertion into bore of 59 mT vertical-field MRI system. Water cooling pipes and electrical connections can be seen. Solenoidal RF coil in cylindrical shield sitting on top of offset coil is for test purposes only.   Prototype field-offset coil