Seeing into old age?

Seeing into old age?

Changes in visual abilities associated with healthy ageing will be explored tonight (April 23) at the latest in the University of Aberdeen's Cafe Scientifique series of public talks.

Waterstones at Aberdeen’s Union Bridge is hosting the event which starts at 7pm and is free and open to all.

The deterioration of senses, in particular vision, is often associated with normal ageing. However the processes behind age-related changes in visual abilities are not yet fully understood.

It is easy to think the eyes are solely to blame, however University of Aberdeen researcher, Dr Karin Pilz, will explain at the event why current research suggests that the brain also has a role in vision-related changes during the ageing process.   

Dr Pilz said: “Not all problems with vision have to do with the eyes. There is increasing evidence that the visual areas of the brain and their connections change during healthy ageing.

“I will explore novel findings in this area, and discuss the role the brain has in age-related changes in visual abilities.”

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The Cafe series is supported by a science engagement grant from the Scottish Government.