Protein study seeks overweight volunteers

Protein study seeks overweight volunteers

Overweight men and women are being sought for a study investigating the impact on appetite of consuming a diet high in protein.

Previous findings by experts from the University of Aberdeen’s Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health have shown that eating protein signals feelings of fullness.

They will test their findings in the 12 week study that will provide volunteers with a diet high in protein and moderate in carbohydrates.

Dr Alex Johnstone who is leading the study said: “This is the longest term study we have conducted to test findings from previous work which has shown that a relationship exists between protein and feeling full.

“We believe that when we eat protein certain hormones in the gut react and send signals to the brain telling us our hunger has been satisfied.

“We’ll provide volunteers in the study with 3 main meals and snacks that are rich in protein but also contain moderate levels of carbohydrate which we know are important to ensure long term gut health. All foods in the study are fresh and consist of normal ingredients that could readily be found in your local supermarket.

“Over the course of the study we will monitor changes to our volunteers’ body weight, composition and also analyse other health parameters such as blood pressure.”

Volunteers will be required to visit the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health in Bucksburn twice weekly over the course of the 12 week study.

People between the ages of 20 and 60 are sought.

Those interested in getting involved in the study should contact Niamh Maloney on 01224 438601 or by email at .

Dr Johnstone added: “In a previous 4 week study, volunteers lost 5% body weight and we are hoping this 3 month study will provide longer term data.”