Hackathon - Hack COP26

Hackathon - Hack COP26

Hack COP26 is a student-led event that offers a pathway to climate action and encourages students and the academic community to act, and raise climate awareness to rethink a more sustainable future.

What is Hackathon - Hack COP26?

On the road to COP26, Hack COP26 is an on-campus event organised by the University of Aberdeen that offers a pathway to climate action. It wants to encourage students and the academic community to act, proposing innovative solutions to reduce the impact of climate change and to guarantee an effective energy transition. More precisely Hack COP26 aims to find solutions to problems emerged in COP26 and presented by the energy transition in the City of Aberdeen. 

Structure of Hackathon - Hack COP26

The competition involves the preparation of a 5-minute idea’s pitch on a PowerPoint Slide to present to the panel and a printed poster to display. The judges will evaluate each idea and will announce the three most innovative solutions to the climate problems proposed by the competition. The winning teams will be able to present their ideas to Aberdeen City Council and University Sustainability Committee. All participants will receive a certificate of participation to the event.

Preliminary Agenda

  • Intro and Welcome
  • Teams Presentation Session I
  • Break and Posters
  • Team Presentation Session II
  • Break and Panel Deliberation
  • Announcement of Winners

Application and Logistics

Hackathon - Hack COP26 is an in-person event, and it will be held on the 3rd of November from 10am to 1pm on Level 7 of the Sir Duncan Rice Library. On this day the three most innovative ideas will be announced by the jury of Hack COP26.

The competition will run from the 26th of October to the 3rd of November, deadline to apply will be Monday 25th October. Teams should only register if they can attend in person, there will be no online capacity, the maximum capacity of the event will be 40 people.

The participation to Hack COP26 is capped, therefore there will a maximum of 11 teams of 3 people per team.

Each team should register using the regsitration link and choose a name for the team and two questions in order of preference. Questions are related to topics that are a focus on local climate priorities in the city of Aberdeen such as circular economy, mobility, building and heating, energy supply and natural environment.

Once applied, each team will receive full instructions about the competition Hackathon - Hack COP26 and a University mentor to meet with them through the competition.

View PDF with further information.

Register your team here.

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The Sir Duncan Rice Library


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