This project focuses on the Law of Non-Contradiction (LNC): the principle stating that contradictions cannot obtain in any possible circumstance. Defended by Aristotle in the Metaphysics, the Law was taken as a cornerstone of knowledge throughout Western thought.

However, the Law has come under attack after the development of paraconsistent logics: non-classical logics modelling our ability of reasoning in the face of contradictory information. Some logicians and philosophers have claimed that the LNC does not hold unrestrictedly: in peculiar circumstances (semantic paradoxes, paradoxes of absolute generality, legal inconsistencies) the same thing may at the same time be and not be, and contradictions may obtain. This view has been called dialetheism, a dialetheia ("double truth") being a true contradiction.

Hosted at the University of Aberdeen, Department of Philosophy, the research investigates the role played by contradictions in the areas of logic, metaphysics, and epistemology.