The University of Aberdeen invited staff, students and local schoolchildren to send messages to the future in a climate capsule that were then sealed within the capsule to be opened on Founder's Day in 2040. The question we asked was: How would you like the planet to be in 2040? 

On Friday 12 November, the final day of COP26, the capsule was buried within Cruickshank Botanic Garden with assistance from local schoolchildren at St Peters' School. 

View all messages from staff and students here.  

A clean environment, with clean air, clean water, free from marine plastics, using renewable energy and sustainable transport, adapting to climate change and sea level rise, and living with nature.

I hope that in 2040 every decision we make as individuals, communities and countries first asks "what action is best for the planet; its plants, animals and people?".

I would like there to be no plastic in the oceans or droughts and for the people to go green and no poverty and good education in all countries.  Please do this for everyone.

Bucksburn Academy Pupil

 By 2040 I would like the planet to be a healthy and clean planet. I would also like climate change to be better by 2040 and the future too. This would help our planet a lot if this happens, hopefully it will happen.

Bucksburn Academy Pupil