Dissertation Posters 2017

Economic/Investment Analysis
An Assessment of the Economics of Undeveloped Discoveries in the Southern North Sea of the UK Continental Shelf through Employment of Cluster Developments and the Introduction of Floating CNG Technology (FCNG) SERMPHON KLAISEENGERN
Minimum Economic Field Size across UKCS and its Implications for the Discovered Resources PERIKLIS SERGIS
The Implications of Scottish Independence on Scottish Electricity Markets and Renewables: An Econometric Approach ABDULLAH KHALIS
Modelling Energy Production and Economic Development in Colombia JULIAN CAMACHO HURTADO
Gasoline Demand Analysis in Mexico before the Energetic Reform HUGO GASPARRI LEOS
Investigating the Factors Affecting Maintenance Cost of Oil and Gas Processing Facilities - An Econometric Approach HOSSAM ELMASRY
Economic Evaluation of Uganda's Fiscal Regime and Proposals for Reform HAZRA OKEM
Cause or Curse? An Empirical Study of the Linkages between Oil Revenues and Nigeria’s Current Exchange Rate and Inflation Crises AHWE WARIRI
Infrastructure Development for a Natural Gas Resource Country: Tanzania Case Study WALTER MARWA
The Costs of Scottish Independence – The Economic Implications of Scottish Electricity Companies: A Case Study of SSE and Scottish Power DAVID RIRIMASSE
Oil Price
Price Formation Mechanism in the European Gas Market : A Case study of Germany and the United Kingdom ALISON BIERLAIRE
Renewable Energy / Resources & Climate Change 
Developing a Renewable Energy Fund from Oil Revenues in Nigeria: A Multiple Scenario Approach Osuchukwu Joseph Ikechukwu
Local Content: Sustainable & Inclusive Development in Mozambique LECTICIA MUNGUAMBE
Renewable Energy Solutions: A Role for Kenya’s Tea Industry in Rural Electrification CAREN HERBERT 
Renewable Heat Incentive Effect in Reducing Carbon Emission in Aberdeen City GADIS NATARI
Economic Analysis and Investment Appraisal of an Offshore Wind Farm in Cyprus ANDRIANI POSIDIA
Economic Analysis of Marine Energy Conversion Device in United Kingdom NIKOLAOS SAVVAKIS
Economic Analysis of Public Policy Influence on Wind Energy Electricity Generation in Mexico RICARDO SOLIS HERNANDEZ
Fiscal Policy
An Economic Evaluation of Trinidad and Tobago’s Fiscal Regime for the Development of Marginal Gas Fields AAZARA GAZALIE
Evaluating Trinidad and Tobago Oil and Gas Tax Policy: Is the Current Tax Regime in Need of Urgent Reform? ASHANI BARTLEY
Comparative Economic Analysis of Gold Mining Taxation in the Kyrgyz Republic in the Example of Kumtor Gold Project RYSBEK TOKTOGUL
Evaluation of Gross Split Production Sharing Contract: Case Study of Mature Oil and Gas Fields in Indonesia RHEZA WIRATMA
A Framework for Forecasting Oil Production in Mexico after the Energy Reform JORGE SANCHEZ VIVAS
Economic Assessment of Deep-water Fields in China under Present Fiscal Scheme HONGJIE ZHAO

Economic Analysis and Fiscal Policy Implications and their Potential Exploitation in the UKCS JOSHUA IJEH