Dissertation Posters 2016

Economic/Investment Analysis
Onshore Shale Gas Investment in China TEMITOPE BASHORUN
An Economic Assessment of Ghana's Investment in LNG Infrastructure DENNIS DEI-TUTU
Investment under Multiple Sources of Uncertainty - A Real Options Approach OLUWASEUN OLOWOJEBUTU
Impact of Globalization on International Trade: A Comparison between Nigeria and the UK Using Trade Index plus a Decomposition Analysis IBORO IQUAIBOM
Comparative Economic Evaluation of Extended Reach Drilling and Subsea Completions in the UK Continental Shelf DOREEN KABUCHE
What is the True Price of Gas for Electricity Generation? HARTONO KURNIAWAN
The Economic Assessment of Tanzania's LNG Project EMMANUEL SARO
Economics of Exploration - A Case Study for Madagascar ELIE LALAHARISAINA
LNG Import Flows Dynamics in the European Region SPYROS MARKOS
Economic Assessment of Deep-Water Fields in the Gulf of Mexico under the Licensing Scheme DIEGO MARTINEZ DIAZ
Trading Volume and Crude Oil Market Efficiency QIHUI XU
An Evaluation of the Economic Viability of Prospective Gas Distribution Projects in Tanzania's Domestic Gas Market OLIVER MTATIFIKOLO
Oil Price
Relationship between Technological Advance and Oil Price FARADINA MARTININGRUM
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Oil Price and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Kazakhstan MEIRKHAN MUKHAMADIYEV
The Attractiveness of the 2016 March Budget on Field Investment in the UK North Sea in Light of the Current Low Oil Price Climate ADEYINKA OGUNDIMU
The Impact Analysis of International Oil Prices Movements on Stock Prices of the Chinese Renewable Energy Companies SHUGE ZHU
Energy Consumption
Causal Relationship between Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Zambia SAMSON SAKALA
Modeling China's Energy Consumption GEORGI IVANOV
Renewable Energy / Resources & Climate Change 
Economic Analysis of Renewable Energy Technologies in Ghana - Achieving Grid Parity ALFREDA AMEXO
Comparative Economic Analysis between Wind Farms Operating under Different Subsidy Schemes and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plant EVGENIYA SERIKOVA
The Economic Feasibility of UK Onshore Wind Repowering and the Costs Reduction Potential ESTI TRI WIDYASTUTI
Economic Analysis of Renewable Energy Access in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Case of Biogas Digesters in Ghana PEGGY DENKYI
How Close is Onshore Wind to Zero-Subsidy? KWEKU OFORI
Economic Analysis of Kazakhstan's Fiscal Regime for the Development of Marginal Fields TASTAN NARIMBAYEV
The Recourse Curse: A Comparison between Nigeria and Norway's Fiscal System of Resource Wealth Generation OMOWANDE YOLOYE
Developing an Alternatively Powered Vehicle Fleet Replacement Strategy for Aberdeen City Council with Consideration Given to the Development of the City’s Hydrogen Economy CHRISTOPHER RYAN
Illustrative Capital Budgeting Analysis of a Wind Farm PHILIPP PATARAYA
Mitigating Climate Change - Analysing the Investment Decision of Carbon Capture and Storage and its Benefit in Prolonging Field Life in the UKCS IDOWU ADEYEMI
The Economic Case for Energy Storage in the UK: An Application to Onshore Wind Power Generation  ROBERT GRAHAM
Fiscal Policy
The Economic Evaluation of the Angolan PSA's in the 2016 Low Oil Price Environment CLAUDIO AMARAL PADRAO
Incentivising marginal field development using the fiscal system VILDE KALAND
UKCS Future Tax Policy in Support of MER: Incentives to Make Discoveries on Attractive Investment Opportunity IRENEUSZ POLCIK
Economic Analysis of the Fiscal Terms of a Production Share Contract in Shallow Waters of Mexico RODOLFO RODRIGUEZ PAXTIAN
Critical Examination of the IMF's Framework of Permanent Income Hypothesis in terms of Fiscal Sustainability: The Case Study of Nigeria  BIRGIT MAASING
Comparative ECONOMIC analysis of Production Sharing Contacts in Republic of Cameroon and Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) SEMIEU DJIMA-ISSIFOU