Dissertation Posters 2015

Oil Prices volatility and impact
An Assessment of the Impact of Oil Prices on Economic Rents Collection and Utilisation: A Case Study of Ghana DORIS EDEM AGBEVIVI
Assessing the Impact of Oil Price Fluctuations on Airfares in Australia IEVA GREBLIKAITE
The Forecasting Capacity of Futures Contracts for Brent Crude Oil Spot Prices ALEXANDER KERSEY
How Oil Price Change Affects Energy Companies Listed on Stock Exchanges


Do Changes in Crude Oil Price Affect Economic Growth in China and India? DEIMANTE NORBONTAITE
The Effect of Corporate Hedging on Investment Appraisal and Risk Management in the Petroleum Upstream Industry FEYISAYO ROTIMI
The Impact of Global Oil Price in the Stock Market of Petroleum Exporting Countries ASSEL YESSENOVA
Effects of Oil and Gas Price Shocks to Stock Markets and Volatility Spillover from Oil and Gas Prices to Stock Markets KJETIL R. MODALSLI
Economic/Investment Analysis
An Econometric Analysis of Regional Dynamics of Petroleum Exploration in the UK Continental Shelf* LUCIE SUJANOVA
Is there an Optimal Structure for an Oil Producing Country With respect to Imports and Exports: Case Study of Nigeria. OGWETSO AKAMIOKHOR
Economic Analysis of Snohvit Expansion Project TRIAN HENDRO ASMORO
Nigeria Gas System: Gas Utilisation, Gas Flaring and Nigerian Economic Growth TOHEEB ABIMBOLA AZEEZ
A Case Study of Price Sensitivity in Mexico’s New Production Sharing Contracts* CLAUDIA EUGENIA BERNAL ORTIZ
Costs of Souring Oil and its Optimisation a Construction of a Decision Tree Model and Sensitivity Analysis of Each* SARRIS DIMITRIOU
Economic Analysis on Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) under Two Environmental Fiscal Policies in Korea SUNBEE KIM
Fiscal Future of the UKCS: An Investigation on the Effects of the March Budget 2015 on Petroleum Production and Tax Receipts to the Government* JAN-MARTIN KUSZTRICH
Economics of Associated Gas - Uganda Case Study RICHARD NUWAGADA
Fiscal Policy
The Use of Production Sharing Contract as a Strategic Management Tool for Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria ALATISE KIKELOMO MARYLYN
An Economic Analysis of Indonesia’s Current Petroleum Production Sharing Contract: Special Mention of Offshore Frontier Oilfield SATRIO RAHARJO DIPOKUSUMO
Should Indonesia Change its Petroleum Fiscal System from Production Sharing Contract (psc) to Royalty? BONANG FIRMANSYAH JUSRI
Flexibility in Production Sharing Agreements in Deepwater Tanzania MAGRETH ALOYCE KIMARIO
Examining the Petroleum Contractual Fiscal Regime of South Sudan Oil and Gas Industry- Analysis of Economics of Development and Production in the EPSA DUT MALEK MALUAL
Does the Fiscal Regime Capture Appropriate Share of Economic Rent Without Distorting Investment? NICHOLAS KEETE MAYO
An Analysis of the Use Futures Contracts in Physical Oil Trading THOMAS OGILVIE
Economic Analysis of Production Sharing Contract (PSC) in Nigeria's Deepwater OKUNOLA OLUWAFEMI AYODEJI
An Assessment of the Economic Terms of the Production Sharing Contracts of Liberia SNOHTI-MARIA WUREH
Designing an Optimum Profit Sharing Fiscal System in the Light of High Technical Cost:a Case Study on Angola SHAFINAH SHAMSHER MOHAMAD
Tax Design of Petroleum Industry: Comparative Analysis of Taxation of Upstream Petroleum Activities in the UK and Norwegian Continental Shelf RAVIL ARYSTANBEKOV
The Economics of Petroleum Extraction in the UKCS: The Fiscal Regime in Light of the Changes in the 2015 March Budget ALEXANDER BASHFORD
The Economic Perspective of the Mature Oil Fields Remaining to be Developed in the UKCS and the Role of Tax Arrangements FOTEINI DIMOU
Issues of Petroleum Taxation: An Evaluation of the sustainability of Ghana’s Upstream Petroleum Fiscal Regime and its Revenue Potential FELICIA POMAAH DJANG
Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Petroleum Fiscal Policy System of Ghana and Alternatives to Maximize Government Revenue GIFTY SENAM GEBU-MENSAH
An Economic Evaluation of an Emerging Gas Exporter's Upstream Petroleum Fiscal Policy: The Case of Mozambique LISANDRO PERDIGÃO JORDÃO
Monetizing Nigeria’s Gas Industry: Evaluating the Viability of the West African Gas Pipeline PHILIP KAITE
A Study of the Scope to use Tax-based Incentives to Promote the Development of Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK*


The Effect of Price and Tax Changes between 2014 and 2015 on an Existing Field in the UKCS* Michael Logue
The Evaluation of the Tanzanian Petroleum Fiscal Regime to Changing in Project Profitability LULU SILAS OLAN’G
Taxation System in the Nigeria Economy: How Efficient is it? OLANIYAN ESTHER OLUFUNTO
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Ghana's Current Petroleum Fiscal Regime BENJAMIN OWUSU-ANSAH
Renewable Resources
The Future of Energy Technologies in the UK Using the ESME Model* IOANNIS ANTONOPOULOS
A Study of the Business Case for Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant with Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK* RICHARD HARRAP
Capacity Markets vs. Flexible Options to Support Renewable (intermittent) Energy in Electricity Markets - A case of Germany PRIYANKA JOSHI
Application of Cost Benefit Analysis to Low Carbon Technology in Public Transportation: A Case of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project in Almaty, Kazakhstan CHINARA MAIKONOVA
Economic Examination of Low-to-Medium Enthalpy Geothermal Energy Utilisation in Hungary through a case study on the Nagyszénás 3 well ANDREA REISCHL
The Effect of Wind Generation on Electricity Spot Prices and Volatility in the UK AISTE RUSEVICIUTE
Optimal Decommissioning Security Instrument in the Petroleum Industry and the need for Supplementary Assurance: A case study of UK and Ghana EDWARD ISSIFU SUMAILA
Energy Consumption
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Smart Meter Deployment in Poland ŁUKASZ PONCZEK
An Analysis of Fossil Fuel Energy Consumption Patterns, CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth in Nigeria ADEBUSOLA RAJI

* This dissertation conducted in a form of an Internship. As such confidentiality issues may arise. If you need to access this file please contact the author.