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Prizes Information

Discipline Prize How Prize is Awarded Value of Prize QSP Ledger Student Recordcode
Psychology   British Psychological Society Undergraduate Award   Awarded to the student with the highest overall grade upon graduation   1-year graduate membership to the BPS & BPS Book of the Year   Department handles arrangements   096  
Psychology   Alan B Milne Memorial Prize   The prize is given in memory by his family and awarded for the best 4th year undergraduate thesis (Psychology) for the year.   Medal   Development Trust   585  
Psychology   Anderson Prize   Awarded to best in year (Level 2) Psychology student   £50   CF10145-17   992  
Psychology   Henry Prize in Mental Philosophy (Logic)   Awarded annually on the results of classwork and/or additional tests   £80   (EN) EP10062-10   376  
Psychology   Anderson Prize   Awarded to best in year (Level 1) student   £50   CF10145-17   879  
Psychology   Anderson Prize   Awarded to best in year (Level 3) Psychology student   £50   CF10145-17   880  
Psychology   Discovering Research Psychology Award   The prize is to support an undergraduate Psychology student's research project. It is open to any student in any year of an undergraduate Psychology degree. It will contribute to participant recruitment, or other research expenses required for the project. Prize advertised and awarded by School of Psychology.   £200   Development Trust   256