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Mathematical Sciences
Discipline Prize How Prize is Awarded Value of Prize QSP Ledger Student Recordcode
Mathematical Sciences   Boxill Prize in Mathematics   Awarded annually to the second most distinguished candidate in the examination for the Honours in Mathematics.   £25   (EN) EP10010-11   094  
Mathematical Sciences   Brimmell's Prize in Mathematics   Awarded as a first prize in the Level 1 course in Mathematics.   £10   (EN|) EP10011-11   102  
Mathematical Sciences   De Gurbs Prize in Mathematics   Awarded to the best student in the Level 1 courses in Mathematics.   £25   (EN) EP10057-10   224  
Mathematical Sciences   George Hendry Memorial Prize   Awarded annually to the student who shows excellence in graph theory or any area of Mathematics relating to that theory.   £30   (EN) EP10226-11   368  
Mathematical Sciences   Institute of Mathematical Sciences     Free membership for one year   IMA pays direct   434  
Mathematical Sciences   Rennet Medal in Mathematics   Awarded to the student who has reached First Class Honours standard in Mathematics and Physics and gains the highest marks on papers devoted solely to problems.   £175   (EN) EP10106-11   658  
Mathematical Sciences   Albert Johnstone Prize for Mathematics   Awarded annually to the most distinguished candidate in the examination for Honours in Mathematics.   £200   Development Trust   457  
Mathematical Sciences   Maclaurin Prize   Awarded to best Level 2 student in Mathematics   £100   Development Trust   541  
Mathematical Sciences   Macaulay and Collins Award   Awarded annually in Mathematics or Classics to the most brilliant student from the Isle of Lewis or the Western Highlands   £500   Awarded through Development Trust   520