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History of Art
Discipline Prize How Prize is Awarded Value of Prize QSP Ledger Student Recordcode
History of Art   The Felicia Murray Lefebvre Prize   An Annual prize awarded for the best essay submitted by any level 2 student in History of Art as part of their normal course work. Essays on any period are eligible, although preference may be given to essays on the 16 th to 18 th centuries.   £100   2120 HA000 TOO071   489  
History of Art   Derek Ogston Prize in History of Art   The prize is awarded annually to a student graduating in Honours in History of Art, or in an Honours group of which History of Art forms part, who shall be held by the examiners in History of Art to be most proficient in the History of Art subjects undertaken for the degree, provided always that the prize shall not be awarded unless the candidate has attained the standard of Upper Second or First Class Honours in the History of Art part of the examination   £1000   Prize is held by Development Trust   635  
History of Art   Donal Byrne Prize in Art History   Awarded to any third year student for the best essay written as part of his/her normal course work for the MA degree in each year.   £100 Book Token   (EN) EP10214-11   112