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Computing Science
Discipline Prize How Prize is Awarded Value of Prize QSP Ledger Student Recordcode
Computing   Amazon Prize - Runner Up   The department selects the two best projects to put forward to Amazon to select a single winner. The non-winner is the runner-up.   No monetary value but it is recorded on transcript   N/A   695  
Computing   CGI Prize in Computing Science   Awarded annually to the “most distinguished student in Level 3” from the compulsory Level 3 courses for the BSc Honours degree in Computing Science, or the MA in Computing, who is judged to be best in his/her year.   TBA   N/A   144  
Computing   Intelligent Plant - The Inform Prize   A prize of £800 will be awarded to the best group project produced as part of the third year undergraduate courses, CS3028 ‘Principles of Software Engineering’, and ‘CS3528 Software Engineering and Professional Practice’. The prize will be awarded to the group judged to have produced the best presentation and demonstration to Intelligent Plant. The prize will be shared amongst the winning group.   £800   Awarded by Development Trust   386  
Computing Science   Amazon Prize   Awarded by Amazon representative   TBA     015  
Computing Science   BCS Prize for Best Level 2 Computing Science Student   Awarded to student who proceed to Level 3 and who register for the Single Honours Computing course which would make them ultimately eligible for BCS membership.   TBA   Awarded directly by Sponsoring Company   047  
Computing Science   Scicon (EDS) Prize in Computing Science   Awarded to the "most distinguished" student in the Final Honours Year.   £75   (EN) EP10196-11   700  
Computing Science   O'Reilly Prize in Computing Science   Awarded to the student with the Best Performance in Level 1 compulsory Computing Science courses.   TBA   N/A   631  
Computing Science   Rob Milne Prize   Awarded to the student with the best overall marks in Grand Challenges of Artificial Intelligence.   TBA     667  
Computing Science   Sandy Murray Programming Prize   Awarded to the Level 1 Student with the best performance in the Computer Architecture course.   TBA   N/A   702