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Public Health

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PU5502 - International Health

Credit Points: 20

Course Co-ordinator: Dr Janet Kyle

Pre-requisite(s): N/A

Co-requisite(s): N/A

Note(s): The main aim of this module is to develop critical analysis of issues within international health. International health policy, health systems, major global health problems and comparative health care research will be explored. Some tools and techniques for cross cultural research and evaluations will be provided.

Topics covered by the course include:

Origins and responses to current international health issues

Millennium Development Goas (MDGs)-Goals, Targets and Indicators

Different forms of organisation of health care and health care delivery

The structure and functions, and strength and weakness of organisations in international health

Complex emergencies and health care management during war, civil conflict or disaster

Importance of health promotion disease prevention

Maternal mortality in a global perspective

Globalisation and health including health worker migration

Reproductive and sexual health including HIV/AIDS

Issues around the failure of many health development projects including politics and advocacy in international health

The role of culture in the organisation of health care

Evaluation and research in developing countries

The course will be taught in two hour seminars twice weekly. This module runs from Week 30 (January) right through until Week 38 (March)

Assessment of this course will be continuous assessment and an exam:
Essay 40%
Presentation 10%
Final written exam 50%