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PU5005 - Applied Statistics

Credit Points: 10

Course Co-ordinator: Dr Gordon Prescott

Pre-requisite(s): n/a

Co-requisite(s): n/a

Note(s): This course is taken by students registered for a wide range of MSc programmes based in the School of Medicine and Dentistry and by some University staff. Everyone attending lectures must be registered for the course.

This course intends to develop the student's awareness of the fact that statistical techniques are integral to scientific research. Researchers must be able to specify a precise research question in statistical terms and then select an appropriate study design in order to carry out an effective research project. They must also be able to assess the adequacy of the research presented in scientific or medical literature. The same skills are also required for many MSc dissertation projects.

This course equips the student with knowledge of statistical principles and statistical methods. In addition, the student will gain experience of analysing, presenting and interpreting numerical information.

The course will cover the following:

What are data? Data types and presentation of data
What is chance? Probability
How does my data relate to the real world? Samples, distributions, statistical inference
Answering research questions with statistical techniques. Hypothesis testing
What if my data are awkward? Non-parametric methods
How does one variable relate to the other? Correlation and simple linear regression
How does one variable relate to several others? Multiple linear regression
Study design for research. Odds ratios and relative risks
Awkward data. Transformations
Relating binary health outcomes to other variables. Logistic regression

Lectures on Thursday morning and tutorials on Friday morning

The course will be assessed using a multiple choice class test for 10%, a written assessment for 30% and an examination in January (60%). Both the assignment and the examination are compulsory for all students and staff who attend the course.