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ED505A - Mindfulness

Credit Points: 30

Course Co-ordinator: Graeme Nixon

Pre-requisite(s): None

The course topics are the following:
- Introduction to Mindfulness: what it is, why practice it and its relevance to secular life and work contexts;
- Introduction to postgraduate study;
- Practicing Mindfulness: (i) recognising the unsettled mind and practising being recollected and attending to the present moment; (ii) practising mindful sitting, mindful movement, using mindfulness supports (visual object, sound, breath) and working with distraction; (iii) working with and observer and undercurrent model of mindfulness practice and examining how changes can come about; (iv) practising mindfulness in daily life situations;
- Critical Analysis of the Concept of Mindfulness: drawing upon research, relating this analysis to personal practice and experience and to a selected professional context.

The course will involve lectures (both live and virtual), progressive mindfulness instructions with group practice sessions and feedback, regular supervision by telephone for supporting personal practice, reading and study. It will take place over two residential weekends and a year end retreat of 7 days (combined with the Compassion module). Online feedback and supervision will be ongoing during the course.

1st attempt: There will be 1 assignment of 6000-8000 words which will consist of two parts.

Resit: There will be one opportunity to resubmit the assignment.