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CM5023 - Analytical & Bioanalytical Methodologies

Credit Points: 30

Course Co-ordinator: Dr EM Krupp/Dr R Ebel/Prof M Jaspars/Prof J Feldmann

Pre-requisite(s): None.

Co-requisite(s): CM5024 Professional Skills in Analytical Chemistry/CM5024 Practical Exercise in Instrumental Analytical Methods

The course will comprise 8 topics in advanced analytical techniques, including isotope ratio measurements and their application, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, atomic spectrometry and speciation, elemental and molecular mass spectrometry, separation science and chromatography, environmental toxicology and imaging techniques. Course will contain lectures, tutorials and workshops.

Average 8 hours per week as interactive lectures and tutorials.

2 two-hour examination papers (50%) and continuous assessment for individual courses.