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PY 3002

Course Co-ordinator: Dr D Scott & Dr S Gray

Pre-requisite(s): BI 20B2 and BI 25B2

This course takes the integrative function of major organ systems as its main theme. We begin by considering the scientific method in physiology and how the human body copes with the challenges of maintaining homeostasis. We then focus on four specific organ systems - the cardiovascular, respiratory, gastro-intestinal and renal systems. The student will learn how these systems function during health and disease, and how they interact with one another. Special emphasis is placed on the measurement of organ function and pathophysiology. Instruction is also provided in experimental design and measurement of cardiorespiratory variables. Lecture and case-study material is accompanied by the use of a microcomputer in data capture and analysis and a problem-solving project. The course consists of 4 lectures and 1 project/laboratory session per week, and is examined by continuous assessment of course work and a 3-hour written exam.

3-4 one hour lectures per week and 1 all day practical every week.

1st Attempt: 1 three-hour essay examination (67%) and in-course assessment (33%). Continuous assessment comprises: 2 laboratory reports, 3 case study exercises, 1 literature-based project (comprised of an individual abstract, a group poster and a peer assessment mark).

Resit: 1 three-hour essay examination (67%) and previous continuous assessment (33%).