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PX 2510

Course Co-ordinator: Dr E Ullner

Pre-requisite(s): PX 1015 and either MA 1007 and MA 1507 or MA 1005, MA 1006 and MA 1508.

This is a foundation course on the principles of modern physics. Observations that identified the limitations of classical physics are discussed together with the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics that sought to remedy them. The relativity component of the course deals with the postulates of relativity, inertial frames and the development of the Lorentz tranformation. The quantum mechanics component of the course deals with the postulates of quantum mechanics, wave functions and the Schrodinger equation. The consequences of the Schrodinger equation are investigated through applications to the quantum behaviour of simple one-dimensional systems.

Three lectures a week with parts of each lecture set aside for examples problems.

1st Attempt: In course continuous assesment (25%) by means of three exams with the student having prior sight of the exam, plus one final exam (75%).

Resit: The same as above, though in cases of poor continuous assessment students may resubmit work.