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PO 4006 / PO 4506

Course Co-ordinator: Dr Q Xiao

Pre-requisite(s): MS 3549. Only available to students in Programme Year 4.

Note(s): Students may not register for both PO 4006 AND PO 4506.

This course involves the completion of an independent piece of research work. The emphasis is upon self-directed study. A supervisor will provide guidance and support, but final responsibility for the completion of the dissertation rests with the student.

The process of writing a dissertation provides students with the opportunity to utilize the skills of writing, presentation and logical argument they have developed during their previous years of study. Moreover, it provides students with the opportunity to further develop skills that may be necessary for future employment, such as the writing of reports.

The dissertation process starts with attendance at a compulsory research methods module. No formal classes are held for the dissertation itself. Students are expected, however, to arrange regular meetings with an allocated supervisor. An informal progress meeting will be held at the beginning of the academic session.

1st Attempt: In-course assessment: submission of 12,000 word dissertation (including original work) on topic approved by the Dissertation Co-ordinator (100%).

Resit: None.