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MX 4085

Course Co-ordinator: Dr Marco Thiel

Pre-requisite(s): For students taking MSc in systems biology or students having completed 3rd year Mathematics/Physics or at discretion of Head of Department.

Note(s): Part of the Applied Mathematics Degree; Option for Physics. (Option for the MSc in systems biology). This course will run 2012/13.

This course covers the fundamental mathematical concepts required for the description of dynamical systems, ie., systems that change in time. It discusses ordinary differential equations and nonlinear systems, for which typically no analytical solutions can be found; these systems are pivotal for the description of natural systems in physics, engineering, biology etc. Some emphasis will be on the study of chaotic systems and strange, ie., fractal attractors.

Next to the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, chaos and dynamical systems theory is considered as one of three major advances in the natural sciences. This course covers the mathematics behind this paradigm changing theory.

2 one-hour lectures and 1 one-hour tutorial (to be arranged).

1st Attempt: 1 two-hour written examination (70%); continuous assessment in the form of weekly assignments (30%).

Written Exam (100%).
Only the marks obtained at the first attempt can count towards Honours classification.